Showing Pakistan highlighted green the Globe. Sixth largest country and Second largest Muslim country according to population. Showing Pakistan shaded red in Asia with Kashmir not shaded. Location manly known as south-Asia.

Map showing Pakistan’s location in South-Asia, having it’s boundaries with China, Afghanistan, Iran and India. Tajikistan separated with just a small strip called “wakhan” is also at Pakistan’s North. Showing Pakistan’s political map with it’s boundaries in red colour. The geographical map of Pakistan, Showing east areas green, west areas dry and mountainous and northern areas cold and high.   The map shows the climatic variation in the country. P ositivity in Mindset. A rtistic in Design. K eenness in Actions. I nnovation in Ideas. S ustainability in Initiatives. T ransparent in words and activities. A dvancement in projects. N obleness in communication.


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