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Ashfaq Ahmed, PP, SI (Urdu: اشفاق احمد) (August 22, 1925 – September 7, 2004) was a distinguished writer, playwright, broadcaster, intellectual and spiritualist from Pakistan. His qualities of head and heart, in particular his ability to weave Islamic (sufi) wisdom into everyday folk experience earned appreciation across the world. He was regarded by many as among the finest Urdu Afsana (short-story) writers alongside Saadat Hasan Manto, Qurratulain Hyder, Prem Chand, Bedi, Mirza Adeeb, Ismat Chughtai and Krishan Chander following the publication of his famous short-story Gaddarya [The Shepherd] in 1955.

Ashfaq Ahmed died on 7 September 2004 at the age of 79, of pancreatic cancer.

His works are:

  • Mehmaan saraey
  • Nangey paoon
  • Safar dar safar
  • Safar-e-maina
  • Shahla Kot
  • Shehre aarzoo
  • Shora shori – Talqeen Shah
  • Subhaey ifsaney
  • Talism hosh afza
  • Tota kahani
  • Uchay buraj Lahore dey
  • Waday-e-jang
  • Talqeen Shah Radio program and character played by himself as Talqeen Shah in typical Panjabi mostly spoken in Faisalabad (Lylpur). And Late Nazeer Husaini as Hidayat
  • Zaviya – 1
  • Zaviya – 2
  • Zaviya – 3
  • Zaviya – 4
  • Zaviya – 5
  • Zaviya – 6

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