Sign Course Length Lanes Completion Year Status Remarks
E-1 Peshawar – Torkham 65 km 4 N/A Planned Will link M-1 to Pak-Afghan Border at Torkham
E-1 Peshawar Ring Road 25 km 4 N/A Planned Orbital expressway around Peshawar
linked to M-1 and N-5
E-3 Pindi Bhattian – Wazirabad 100 km 2 2015 Under Construction
E-4 Faisalabad – Khanewal 184 km 2 N/A Planned
E-5 Khanewal – Lodhran 100 km 2 N/A Planned Via Jhang
E-35 Hasan Abdal – Mansehra 110 km 4 N/A Planned Via Abbottabad
Will link M-1 and N-5 with Karakorum Highway
E-75 Islamabad – Murree – Muzaffarabad 130 km 4 2011 Partially Operational Islamabad-Murree section operational
Lyari Expressway Lyari Expressway (Karachi) 17 km 8 2010 Operational Links M-9 to Mauripur Road, Karachi
E-? Rawat – Thalian 29 km 4 N/A Planned
E-? Lahore – Nankana Sahib 63 km 4 N/A Planned
E-? Lahore Northern Bypass 7.5 km 4 2006 Operational Links M-2 to N-5
E-? Lahore Ring Road 85 km 6 2011 40 km Northern Loop Operational
45 km Southern Loop Planned
Orbital expressway around Lahore
linked to M-2 and N-5

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