Getting There by Air
The national airline is Pakistan International Airlines (PK) (
Approximate Flight Times From London to Karachi is 8 hours 40 minutes, and from New York is 21 hours 40 minutes.

Departure Tax
Rp700-1,400 depending on class of travel. Transit passengers and children under two years of age are exempt.

Getting There by Water
Main port: Karachi (Kemari). It is both Afghanistan’s and Pakistan’s port for goods, together with Port Qasim. No passenger boats or ships for the general public sail to or from Pakistan at present.

Getting There by Rail

A rail link extends from Quetta (via the border crossing at Taftan) to Zahedan, Iran; the express train (journey time – 27 hours) runs weekly from Quetta, as does the passenger train, which only travels as far as Taftan. For more information contact Pakistan Railways (tel: (42) 920 1642; website:

Getting There by Road
From China: The Khunjerab Pass is often snow-covered and, during the rainy season (December to April), it is closed due to the high risk of mudslides. Transport includes buses, vans and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

From India: Wagha is the only land border open between Pakistan and India (Lahore–Amritsar route). A minibus runs from Lahore railway station to Wagha and there are also taxis available (journey time – 30 minutes). The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) operates buses from Lahore to Delhi (journey time – 12 hours). The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) (website: also operates services from Delhi.

From Iran: Travel is only possible via the Quetta–Taftan–Zahedan route. Several buses and coaches leave daily from Quetta to Taftan (journey time – 18 hours). There is also a road from Kabul, Afghanistan to Peshawar.


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