Hazara University is located in Dhodial town, Mansehra District, Hazara in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The town of Dhodial is located near to the city ofMansehra (the capital city of the district). It was formed in the building and land of Government Mental and General Hospital Dhodial. Hazara University has three faculties: the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Health Sciences.

The university was founded in 2002; Hazara University started its operations with meagre resources of one small building for academics and a small administration block. Initially Departments of Information Technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Education, English, Islamiyat, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management, Journalism and Mass Communication, Disaster and Rehabilitation Management, Botany, Genetics, Environment Sciences, Economics, Health and Physical Education, Arts and Designing, Political Sciences, Physics, Mathematics Law, and Department of Management Sciences started operations. University include of three campuses namely, (i) Garden campus (at Dhodial, Mansehra) (ii) Havelian campus (at Havelian) and (iii) Haripur campus (at Haripur). The university is currently ranked at No. 8 in General Universities(*Large )category of HEC rankings 2011


Hazara University Mansehra,


Vice Chancellor
Name Prof. Dr. Syed Sakhawat Shah
Phone Number +92-997-530732
Fax Number +92-997-530046
P.S. to Vice Chancellor
Name Mr.Muhammad Sajjad
Phone Number +92-997-531521
Fax Number +92-997-530046
Email Address vicechancellor@hu.edu.pk/hazara_university@yahoo.com



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