Cholistan Jeep rally is an annual 3-day even of fun and adventure which takes place in choilstan (also called Rohi) desert of Pakistan.


Punjab Tourism Development Corporation Managing Director Saad S Khan declared on Monday that the Cholistan Jeep Rally would start on February 16 and continue till 19th while this event would be held with a new tag International Cholistan Challenge from year 2013.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he added that 100 jeeps were likely to participate in the race in four categories. He said that it was the largest sporting event of the country as spectators between 70,000 and 100,000 were likely to attend it. He said that strict fitness standards were set for the participants and their vehicles as the doctors would examine and issue fitness certificates to the drivers while technicians to vehicles. He said that cash awards worth about Rs1.7 million would be distributed among the winners of different categories.

He disclosed that the TDCP had evolved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the rally in line with Supreme Court directions to ensure security of the spectators as well as participants. “Under these SOPs, section 144 will be imposed on entire 233-km long route, three companies of rangers will be deployed to guard the track and the spectators will stay 100 feet away from the track,” he added. He said that no one would be allowed to crisscross the track during the race and all out measures would be adopted to avert any mishap.

He told the journalists that a cultural evening would be held at the end of the rally. “Different entertaining events like concert to elaborate Cholistani culture and fireworks exhibition will be held to entertain he participants,” he added.

Referring to other projects of TDCP, he disclosed that a project was being launched to install a latest cable car system in Fort Monro. “We’ve paid Rs5.5 million to a company for feasibility study and sent project to the government. If the funds are allocated in next budget, the residents of South Punjab will also enjoy Patriata-like facility,” he added.

He revealed that the TDCP had launched Visit Punjab Week to introduce the heritage and tourism places of the province to the world. “The activities will continue till February 20 and we’ll celebrate this week every year. In winters it will be South Punjab Week while in winters North Punjab Week,” he added. He disclosed that the owners of hotels, restaurants and transport companies had been asked by the TDCP to offer 10 percent discount to the tourists coming to South Punjab.


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