Adeel Ameer Pakistan

The Special Olympics is a global event held every four years where athletes with intellectual disabilities, ranging from moderate to severe, show the world they are capable of taking centre-stage as well.
Taking part in a global event is a gruesome ask. And performing with the world watching is even more daunting, especially if your brother is murdered just days before you take off. Such was the case with Adeel Ameer, an 18-year-old, who went to Athens under that very pressure and ended up with three gold medals for Pakistan — in high jump, 100 metres and 4×100 metres relay.
“We were both training together, ready to represent Pakistan but then came the shock,” said Ameer, who later admitted that all the hard work and training with his brother had a fair share in his success in Greece. “But I wanted to win for my country and for my brother. I trained harder for the Games and it paid off. I dedicate one of my medals to my brother.” Despite him nursing a knee injury caused in a bike accident, Adeel has vowed to come back stronger, winning more medals for his country.

Courtesy: Express Tribune


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