The CONTINENTAL COLLISION of the three mighty mountain ranges of the world the Himalayas, the Karakorams & the Hindukush in the North of Pakistan has given birth to the thickest cluster of the Highest Peaks and Largest Glaciers on Earth.

The statistics are simply baffling. 05 of the world’s 14 peaks above8000 meters are in Pakistan. 101 peaks are above 7000 meters whereas, peaks from 6999 to 3000 meters are countless. All peaks up to 6500 M may be climbed without paying any permit fees. 50 of the world’s 100 highest peaks are in Pakistan. K-2 8626 M is the second highest on Earth.

Alone in Baltistan & Hunza, there are more than 100 peaks above18,000 ft. Literally, most of their base  camps are higher than the Summits of all the peaks in Europe. Pakistan’s glaciated region covers12,000 Sq/Kms. The 06 longest valley glaciers of the world, are also in Pakistan & their total length exceed 350 Km. The Biafo-Hispar glacial corridor of 116 Km is the longest on Earth. No mention of over 300small glaciers & their tributaries ranging from 1 to 50 Kms.

Pakistan happens to be the only country in the world which offers the highest number of Big Walls, Rock Towers, Spires and Pinnacles of excellent quality. The vertical faces of Trango Towers are the world’s tallest cliffs and there are many other big walls like Uli Biaho, Shipton Spire, Cat Ears Spires, Susbun Spires, Bakhordas, Cathedral ..etc.

In compliance to the new tourism policy and Visit Pakistan Year 2007, the permit fees have been reduced so exorbitantly, that permits fees for all peaks up to 6500 Meters have been waived off 100%, whereas, peaks mega discounts of upto 90% have been given on peaks above 6500 M in the semi explored regions of Gilgit & Hunza and un-explored regions of Chitral & Ghizer Valley where hundreds of virgin peaks are awaiting new conqurers. For more details on new clibing permits, clicknew permit fees.


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