Peshawari chappal  is a traditional footwear of Pakistan especially popular among Pashtoons in the area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is called Peshawari chappal  where the word Peshawari referred to the city Peshawar in Pakistan and flip-flops are called chappal in Pakistan. So Peshawari chappal is a unique type of chappal which is worn by most of the Pashtoon men casually and formally with Shalwar Kameez. For Pashtoon people it is more than a sandal or slipper because of its comfortableness.

This footwear is a semi-closed chappal consists of two wide strips where both strips are joined with the sole by crossing each other. The back side has also a strip with a buckle to tie according to the foot size and comfortableness. It is traditionally made with pure leather with its sole often made of truck tyre. It is also available in many designs  and colors with a slight change in traditional design where work of golden and silver threads makes them more beautiful. It is becoming more popular  day by day in other parts of the country where wearing it with jeans has also become a fashion in Pakistan.


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