Pakistan has many of the world’s amazing records. Some of them are stated here.
  1. 6th Largest Nation (by population)
  2. 7th Nuclear Power  of World
  3. 1st Muslim Nuclear Power
  4. 7th Largest Armed Forces
  5. 9th Largest English Speaking Country
  6. Air Commodore M.M. Alam has a world record of shooting 5 Indian Fighter Planes in less than 60 seconds
  7. World’s Highest Military Base (Siachen-The roof top of the world)
  8. K2– Second Highest Peak of the world
  9. Pakistan has 4 out of 14 highest peaks of the world
  10. Pakistan has Asia’s Highest Railway Station, Kan MehtarZai Railway Station near Quetta (2240m above sea level)
  11. World’s Highest Polo Ground at Shandur, Northern Areas of Pakistan
  12. Silk Route (Karakoram Highway) is World’s Highest Man Paved International Road- 8th wonder of the world
  13. World’s Largest Deep Sea Port – Gawadar
  14. 2nd Largest Salt Mines- Khewra Mines
  15. Asia’s Largest Bird Sanctuary- Haleji Lake
  16. Country of many old civilizations; Mohenjo Daro, Gandhara, Harrapa

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