Anwar Maqsood Hameedi(Urdu: انور مقصود حمیدی) commonly known as Anwar Maqsood Urdu: انور مقصود) (born 1935) is a Pakistaniplaywright, poet, television host, satirist, humorist, infrequent actor and painter who has worked in the entertainment industry since the 1970s.

Born in Hyderabad State which, in 1935, was part of British Rajand, since 1948, part of India, Anwar Maqsood studied at theGulbarga Trust School in the neighboring Maharashtrastate’s city of Aurangabad. Associated for many years withPakistan Television Corporation (PTV), he served as presenter for a variety of its shows including Studio Dhai(Studio 2:30) and then Studio Ponayteen (Studio 2:45) along with Show Shaand a large number of others. His work incorporates humour, satire, and an approach to hard subjects in lighter vein.

his works are:

On Pakistan Television Corporation

  • Fifty Fifty (sketch comedy)
  • Show Time (comedy interactive show)
  • Aangan Terha (miniseries)
  • Half Plate (theatrical teleplay)
  • Silver Jubilee show
  • Studio Dhaai
  • Studio Paunay Teen
  • Talaash (miniseries)

On Network Television Marketing (NTM)

  • Sitara Aur Mehrunnisa (drama)
  • Nadan Nadia (sitcom)

On ARY Digital

  • Loose talk
  • Majoo Mian

On Express Entertainment

  • Hum Pe Jo Guzarti Hai

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