Mir Zafar Ali (Urdu:میر ظفر علی) is an award-winning Pakistani movie visual effects specialist and artist. He played a background role in the team that won the Oscar award for best visual effects in 2007, for the movie The Golden Compass. He is the first Pakistani to have been connected with an Oscar award-winning venture, for Best Visual Effects.

Ali has worked on visual effects and graphics in many Hollywood movies – including The Day After TomorrowX-Men (in which he was primarily in charge of the character Banshee as effects technical director), StealthMonster HouseThe Golden CompassThe Incredible HulkThe Mummy and Aliens in the Attic. He also played a role in creating the effects of bringing the villain ‘Venom’ to life in the movie Spider-Man 3. He is well regarded for his ability to create water waves.

Ali comes from the city of Karachi; he initially studied software engineering in college in Pakistan. He is a graduate of the Beaconhouse School System and FAST Institute in Karachi. Not finding software engineering exciting, he decided to start a career in visual effects and specialised from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, United States


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