Pakistan has numerous beautiful and breathtaking places for rafting. The high mountains on its northern side and the snow peaks and glaciers, give birth to the rivers that tumble down from the Karakoram, Hidukush and Himalayas before meeting the Arabian sea; increase the beauty of Pakistan.

Theses north region rivers give a wonderful opportunity for the rafting. The most attracted rivers for the rafters are Hunza, Chitral, Swat, Indus, Gilgit, Kunar and Neelam. In concise, the rivers in Pakistan are most exciting for rafting.

Adventure Express ensures to provide you the best tour facilities and make your journey memorable. So if you are looking forward for exciting adventure, Pakistan is a wonderful place for tour.  River Rafting can be done paying Rs. 300, 500, 1000 only.

Following rivers are best for rafting:

Indus( from Jaglot to Takhot)

Kunhar (from naran to Kaghan)



Hunza(from Aliabad to Gilgit)


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