Conference Emblem in Colourful Design (545)
Conference Emblem & Encircled by Flags(546)
  Malubiting West
 Broad Peak – K2

N: 60 (6 x10) stamps 30 small 30 Large = 30 Pairs Q: 1.000 ML each S: 52 x 33.5 mm & 26 x 33.5 mm PP. Litho Offset PRINTER: Secura,Singapore (Pvt) Ltd.

Two designs of each value were printed together, se-tenant, in 30 horizontal pairs throughout the sheet. IMPRINT & PLATES: Imprint on lower margin and SSPL on upper margin in the centre of the sheet.
Six traffic lights on left and right margins in upper and lower corners of the sheets. PLATE: 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A 1A in four corners on upper and lower margins of the sheets. D: Adil Salah-ud-Din


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