Persimmon is known by many names including, Sharon fruit, Japani Phal or fruit in Urdu, and is Diospyros kakiin Latin. However there are different types ofDiospyros, including one that bears a black fruit. The one we have in Pakistan is slightly different to the ones I’ve had in Europe. Pakistani variety (Diospyrus lotus) doesn’t leave you with a dry tangy after-taste.



One thought on “Amlok

  1. in pashto amlok Urdu amlok English Sharon fruit says:

    Sharon fruit found in China then moved to Japan gradually moved to south Asia Pakistan Sharon (amlok ) are cultivated in north West Pakistan in local laguage pashto it’s called amlok in Urdu, Persian ,balochi , sindhi etc also called, amlok even in England it’s famous for amlok as well especially Asian people .finally in English Sharon south Asian languages amlok.

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