• IIUI Schools, Main Auto Bahn Road, Hyderabad Campus :International Islamic University Islamabad Schools
  • “Sadique Tution Center (Near Sadat Colony T.M.G Hussain Unit no: 9 Latifabad Hyderabad)”
  • St. Bonaventure’s High School
  • Govt. Mirza Quleech Baig Higher/Secondary Schon,mnol Phuleli Hyderabad
  • Govt. (N) Muslim High School [Latifabad no 8)
  • Govt. Comperihensive High School Latifabad
  • Govt. Boys High School Unit No. 7, Latifabad
  • Govt. Girls High School
  • Govt. Allama Iqbal Boys High School Unit No. 9, Latifabad
  • Govt. Allama Iqbal High School Unit No. 6, Latifabad
  • Govt. Noor Muhammad High School
  • Govt. Boys High School Qasimabad.
  • Al-Falah College Latifabad Hyderabad
  • Mother Land School
  • Chambers Public School (Institute of Modern Science) – Unit No.5, Latifabad
  • Roots Public School
  • Army Public School and College System SRC.
  • Oxford Public High School – Unit No.5, Latifabad
  • Public School hyderabad – [near auto bhan road unit No.3,latifabad]
  • Model School
  • Foundation Public School Autho Bhan Latifabad
  • Al-Hira Public School Afandi Town
  • AL-ASGHAR PUBLIC SCHOOL – (Unit No.09,Latifabad)
  • Gohar public school
  • Latif Niazi Memorial Higher Secondary School – Unit No 11 Latifabad Hyderabad
  • Nazarath College
  • Phoenix Schools System
  • crescent children academy (111/D behind VIP garden unit no 2 latifabad hyderabad)0223813718 03342742244
  • Roots2wings school system (709/D behind RCCH unit no 2 latifabad hyerabad) 0223815050,03332742244
  • Excellence Education System (EES), Latifabad – Website
  • The City School (Pakistan)
  • Aga Khan School
  • Gul Ursani School
  • Beaconhouse School System (Pakistan) [3]
  • The Educators – [4]
  • St Bonaventure’s High School
  • City cambridge High School.
  • St. Mary’s Convent Girls High School
  • St Mary’s Convent High School (Hyderabad)
  • County cambridge school, Hyderabad (Defense Society= Junior Branch; Thandi Sarak= Senior Branch)
  • Rockford Cambridge School Latifabad Hyderabad [5]
  • Sindh Grammar Higher Secondary School, Qasimabad Hyderabad.
  • Bright Future High school, near Bhittai nagar Qasimabad Hyderabad
  • Phoenix Higher Secondary School
  • The educator school,Hyderabad
  • Blue~Sea High School, Qasimabad, Hyderabad.
  • Bostan House Public High School,Hyderabad
  • Madina Blessing High School, Latifabad.
  • Madina Foundation High School, Latifabad.
  • Al Falah High School, Latifabad.
  • Al Falah High School
  • Anna English High School, Qasimabad.
  • The Standard School (Regd), Latifabad.
  • City Model High School, Qasimabad.
  • Blue Birds High School, Qasimabad.
  • Eden Grammar School, Qasimabad.
  • Fauji Foundation Model School, Latifabad.
  • New Strong Base High School, Hirabad
  • Anis Hasan School of Excellence, Latifabad.
  • Star school of learning, Latifabad.
  • FPS School Unit No 2, Latifabad.
  • Unique Grammar High school, Khokhar Muhalla.
  • Unique Grammar High School, Hirabad, Hyderabad
  • Tichoon Taach School, Pathan colony
  • National Public High School, Latifabad unit # 2.
  • Shaheen public high school, Qasimabad
  • Rehber Taleem High School, Liaquat Colony
  • Paragon Public High school, Hyderabad unit # 11.
  • Zaini Public High school Qasimabad
  • Sun City Grammar High School, Hirabad
  • Hyderabad Higher Secondary School Of Academic Excellence
  • Munawer Foundation High School,Unit # 9
  • Green House Five Star School Foujdari road Hyderabad
  • Mother Montessori Cambridge school,Unit # 6 &Unit #9

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