Alhamra Open Air Theater, Lahore.

Alhamra open air theater was constructed in 1993.and the shape of plan isround as that of colosseum and designed by the architect NAYYER is a public building and use as theater. The similar function as that of colosseum in the history.

Alhamra open air theater:The arena of open air theater was to accommodate an audience of 4,500,seating all around the stage provides close range visibility for the maximumnumber of viewers. The arena concept of this building is a direct reference towhat the architect perceived as old Greek and Roman theatres. The projectprovides the largest gallery space for performing arts in Lahore due to theflexibility of designed space. It has catered for the following multiple uses,large musical concerts, plays, puppet festivals, seminars, art shows andvarious other activities. Space in and around the building, the architecturalambiance of the place has inspired artists a great deal. International troupehave invariably commended the project for its elegance and utility, both theoutdoors and indoors. Equally useful income from the commercial areas helpin running the expenses of the project.


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