Moin Akhtar, we miss you

This was the beginning of Moin Akhtar’s rise to fame, with his first appearance on Pakistan Television’s Zia Mohyeddin Show in 1966. He came…he saw…he conquered.

On April 22, 2011, many lost a legend, tons lost a friend, three people lost a brother, five individuals lost a father and one woman, her other half. One year later, we reflect collectively on the time spent without you. Some of us truly discovered ourselves, others unfortunately lost themselves. Yet, your mere name still commands a smile, though now often followed by a tear. Stumbling upon an image of you still elicits immense love and pride just knowing that we once had you; as a countryman, as a relative or even as a fellow human being. It forces us to re-examine our existence and to finally be thankful to God for making people like yourself in a world like ours. You are not missed for you were never forgotten in the first place. We hope, wish and pray that you are happier than you ever imagined, wherever you are.


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